Имперкс инкорпорейтид 


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Имперкс инкорпорейтид 

Imperx, Inc. designs, develops and manufactures advanced, state-of-the-art imaging products. Our executive and R&D teams are recognized as world leaders in the field of digital imaging and communications.

Our products are used in the machine vision, medical, defense, surveillance and astronomy markets. Imperx' products are used wherever there is a need to capture high-resolution digital color or black/white images for both still and full-rate motion processing.

We have quickly gained a reputation among our customers as a company that prides itself on providing technologically superior, high-quality products with a focus on customer service and technical support. We have shipped our products to hundreds of customers worldwide including Fortune 100 companies, Federal and State government agencies, domestic and foreign defense agencies, academic institutions, etc. Our manufacturing facilities are certified for ISO 9002 compliance.

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